Structured cabling systems

  • Construction of Local Area Networks (LAN) and Global networks (WAN)

  • Construction of fiber optic routes

  • Network certification

  • Design

Structured cabling systems are built with products of leading world manufacturers. The systems, constructed by Adra, distinguish themselves with universality, flexibility, sustainability and allow the construction of a unified communication infrastructure in one or more buildings of various sizes and uses.

    The basic package of services includes:

  • design and documentation
  • deployment of structured cabling systems by using high quality products, with high level of workmanship, professional design and reliability, ensuring excellent technical parameters of the systems

  • certification, maintenance and improvement of structured cabling systems, built with the products of world leading manufacturers – R & M – Switzerland and Tyco/AMP – USA

  • delivery of components for structured cabling systems


    Security systems

    Enterprise security solutions have several key aspects, the main ones being the logical security of the information and the pure physical protection. In reference to the physical security, Adra EOOD offers the complete package of solutions:

    • Access control systems

      Through modern and reliable technologies access control systems manage the throughput regime, both towards an object and within an object.

        The access control systems have two key features:

      • Prevention – The system allows defining certain rights of access for a person or for a group of people. Each user can access only to a predetermined perimeter/premises.

      • Information – The system can produce and supply a large range of different reports depending on the needs of every organization. This includes, but is not limited to submitting reports for accounting the working time.

      The access control systems can be built in different locations such as office buildings, industrial sites, various governmental buildings and many others. These systems can control the access of any person to separate rooms, including various throughput devices such as turnstiles, barriers, etc.

      Increase of efficiency

      Key advantages of automated access control are the reduce of the subjectivity and the increase of the effectiveness of the security officers. Access control systems provide the required access control not only at entry and exit points of the object itself, but also to all the areas and premises within the object, without the need to provide further physical control.

      Reports and accounting of the working time

      The implementation of an IP-based access control system ensures a highly reliable and easy to administrate system and an ability for a preparation of various reports. This gives an opportunity for the efficiently accounting of the working time and/or tracking people’s access to different areas/premises that are particularly important for the organization.

      Integrated physical security systems

      In order to achieve the highest level of security, it is possible to integrate the access control system with other solutions for physical security (video surveillance, fire alarm, etc.). By the building of integrated physical security systems it is achieved an extremely high level of protection and awareness.


    • Fire alarm and fire fighting systems

    • Perimeter security systems

    • Warning and sound systems

    Basing on the leading manufacturers in their respective fields, Adra EOOD provides as well as individually designed systems and a complete solution with integrated monitoring and management of the whole physical security. Such an approach is extremely suitable for large objects or buildings with a high level of security. The integration expands up to a pure communicational level, where the constructed by Adra systems step on any IP environment.


    Video surveillance systems(CCTV, IP CCTV)

    IP-based video surveillance solutions provide the organizations with a high level of security, in parallel with an easy way for monitoring in real time. The possibility of automatic notification and immediate intervention in case of violations, fire and other disasters is crucial as well as in the monitoring of projects and in the monitoring of urban environment. Video surveillance solutions help to reduce the subjective factor in the interpretation of the video information and in addition they contribute to the increase of the efficiency of the security officers.

      Additional benefits of the video surveillance systems are:

    • the possibility of using already available IT infrastructure and technology

    • intelligent features enable the raising of automatic alarms on the detection of certain disorders, such as detection of a left object, crowds and more.

    • integration with other security systems
    • reduced response time in the event of a breach or other incident

    • >

      easy handling with the video array and archiving of the video array

    • quick acess to the recorded information


    Video surveillance solutions are prepared according to the needs of each organization and environment. These can be conventionally divided into two groups:

    Monitoring of objects

    The video surveillance systems are highly reliable and easily compatible with your business and information system. Such solutions can be implemented in organizations of all types: industrial sites, shops, office buildings and more. These systems can be integrated with other systems for physical security, access control and perimeter security.

    Monitoring of urban enviroment

    By building a video surveillance system with integrated video analytics capability, the safety in the urban environment increases significantly. The system provides active prevention of criminal behavior, monitoring and management of traffic and traffic lights, automatic detection of abnormalities such as overspeed, passing red lights, illegal parking and other. Video surveillance systems and secure urban environment systems can be integrated with systems for monitoring the environmental parameters, voice notification, early warning and crisis management.


    Emergency power supply systems

    Providing reliable and reserved uninterruptible power supply is essential for any large project. Adra EOOD offers a complete solution, regarding to the specific needs of the particular business. Emergency power supply systems are suitable for all types of businesses and organizations, and for systems with a high level of criticality.

      Capacities from 6 to 1000 kVA suitable for:

    • industries
    • business buildings
    • shopping centers
    • hospitals
    • hotels


    Building management systems